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Working with web companies often leaves you scratching your head because of all the technical jargon that you are bombarded with. HTML, XHTML, PHP, MySQL, ASP, .NET, jQuery, SOAP, XML, CSS, SEO, PDF, MooTools, JS, etc...

The latest buzz words that you will hear are HTML5 & CSS3, so before you get sucked in to the abyss of technical mumbo jumbo and feel that your business must invest in developing a new website using HTML 5 features, let me give you a brief overview of why I think HTML5 is an abbreviation worth knowing.

I believe the future of the web can be explained in two words, 'Communication & Return' and this is what HTML5 will help developers build. Communication from A to B over multiple platforms without the need of 3rd Party plugins. The browser is the door and HTML 5 will be an easy way to unlock it's potential. A good return should come from an investment and HTML 5 has the potential to allow developers to build browser specific apps more rapidly, therefore allowing the clients to get more from their budgets.

Your website might look great but if you as the client are not reaching more people at the end of your web redesign then HTML5 will not have served it's purpose. Designers get caught up in bells and whistles but we must never forget the word 'Return'.

Here's what I believe could be real benefits to your business:

Rapid development of browser specific apps, therefore reducing costs.

Drawing, Video and Sound
Integrating media within the functionailty of a website without the use of an external plugin. Enhancing the user experience while reaching the smartphone and tablet/iPad audience .

HTML 5 geolocation
Location specific services for your business and clients.

Client-side database
Build apps that can be used both online and temporarily offline. Storing the structured data offline can produce speed improvements when accessing data.

Offline Application Cache
Allowing the developer to specify the files that the browser should cache (temporarily store).

Smarter forms
Better validation, produces better information, produces better communication.

And finally...
Most of the current browsers support many HTML5 features but we still have a waiting game before most web developers can use HTML5 for everyday projects, in the meantime if you need a browser specific app HTML5 might just be the tool to use.

Relevant Links

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Every new Apple mobile device and every new Mac — along with the latest version of Apple’s Safari web browser — supports web standards including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

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