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We at OnCreative have been on an exciting journey in the last few years. We initially started the business aiming specifically at the small to medium sized businesses but due to the quality of our work, we began to take on larger and more technical projects. Recently we decided to re-look at our own brand and see how we could better facilitate our current clients, while allowing ourselves to grow organically as a business. Hence the new look website and brand.

We believe that if online businesses are to survive they need to differentiate themselves from thier competitors and this was a major consideration when tackling our brand & website. We realise that design is often subjective but it's better to stand out than merge with the rest.

One of our strongest assets is the quality of our work and our belief that every client should expect and receive this quality, no matter how small or large. Our focus has never been the quick buck but rather a passion for great products at great prices.

'There are no short cuts to any place worth going' Beverly Sills

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